• Midnight Iris Blue Brass Cremation Urn

Midnight Iris Blue Brass Cremation Urn

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(USD): $129.99
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Midnight Iris Blue Brass Urn for Human Ashes

It is a beautifully crafted 'Blue Urn' made up of brass with fine pearl inlays designs adding more to its charm. Artisans have literally poured all their craftsmanship into the making of this Brass Cremation Urn. Carved out of solid brass, sheathed by the perfect coat of lacquer, this Memorial Urn is all about art and brilliance. åÊ

It is a top-open Adult Urn with a threaded lid and a felt bottom. It is one of the best Urns for Human Ashes from our collection that can also be used as a Burial Urn. åÊThis Funeral Urn is available in 3 sizes and the prices are exclusive of the Keepsake Stand.

Dimensional details of Cremation Urn (Height X Volume)

Large Urn 10" X 200 cu in
Keepsake Urn 2-3/4" X 4 cu in
Heart Keepsake 3.25" X 5 cu in


  • All ouråÊUrns for Human AshesåÊare delivered in an attractive velvet bag.
  • Keepsake urn & Heart Keepsake can be purchased separately.