American Flag Military Urn

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American Flag Military Urn


American Flag Military Urn for Human Ashes

This 'American Flag Urn' from our Military Urn collection is one of the best Urns for Human Ashes when it comes to honoring a deceased military man or woman. Bearing the zeal of a serviceman, this Veteran Urn is enrobed in the American flag’s design, the true epitome of love and respect for the nation.

It is a Brass Cremation Urn that can be used as a Memorial urn or a Burial Urn, depending on the rituals followed. This Metal Urn comes with a top-opening arrangement fastened with a threaded lid. This Funeral Urn is available as an Adult Urn only. It is a Large Urn with the following dimensional details -

Dimensional details of Cremation Urn (Height X Volume)

Height 10"
Volume 200 cu in

  • All our human ashes urns are delivered in an attractive velvet bag.
  • Keepsake urn can be purchased separately.